“Century of the City” Is Published — Wins Planetizen Award

Century of the City: No Time To Lose

The special report/book by members of the Citistates team, Century of the City, has just been published by the Rockefeller Foundation and received recognition as one of the 10 best 2009 planning books from the respected Planetizen website.

Planetizen’s review:

Century of the City: No Time To Lose
by Neal R. Peirce and Curtis W. Johnson with Farley M. Peters
The Rockefeller Foundation, 447 Pages

This book is an impassioned call for action. Vibrant with images and littered with sidebars, Century of the City is magazine-readable but book-intelligent. It’s the result of a month-long colloquy hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation to identify and strategize on the challenges faced by rapidly urbanizing 21st century cities. The focus is on taking multidisciplinary approaches to the issues faced by cities, from the underserved slums of India to the most bustling economic powerhouses of the new China. Readers will come away convinced that even the most inefficient cities are incredibly important to the livelihood of both local citizens and global citizens, and that making them better is truly an international imperative.

Graphic images from Pentagram designers– click here.

Copies of the book are available, cost-free, to interested readers: email rockefeller@forbesamg.com and include ‘Century of the City’ in the Subject line of the email form. There is no charge for the books; however, the Rockefeller Foundation can offer only two copies per request.

Greater Quantities
For consideration of requests for multiple copies for pertinent conferences or other group purposes, please email details of your request to rderrick@rockfound.org and put ‘Century of the City multiple request‘ in the Subject line.