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Rio and Beyond

For city-watchers interested in cutting-edge ideas, the yearly “Meeting of the Minds” conferences arranged by Gordon Feller of the Urban Age Institute – a key figure in the recent mission expansion of UN-Habitat — are well worth considering.  I attended myself last year’s event in New York and came away with a raft of new […] Debuts at Rio Conference

Our Citistates Group has been laying plans for a global news service that covers noteworthy experiments, breakthroughs by cities across the globe. The articles will be written by knowledgeable local journalists, supplemented by global experts on the issues they’re covering, tied to new media and tied to state-of-the-art user discussion tools. On Friday March 26, […]

Urban Institute’s Metro Report Card

An important message for metro region watchers: The Urban Institute has inaugurated a new reporting site – — to provide updates, keep tabs on how metropolitan America is faring.  The site provides up-to-date indicators of social and economic conditions and trends in metro areas nationwide, along with thoughtful commentary on what they mean for workers, […]