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From: "Citiscope" <citiwire@citistates.com>
Subject: Message from Neal Peirce
Date: December 31st 2014

Dear Subscribers:
Just over a year ago, we discontinued our Citiwire service, edited by Mary Newsom, that included my weekly column. After 38 years, I was ready to go on to a new project and mission — CITISCOPE.org. My Citistates Group colleagues Farley Peters and Curt Johnson joined me enthusiastically in the move.

Most of you made the switch. I surely hope you’ve enjoyed Citiscope’s rich array of city innovation stories by locally-based writers across the globe. My colleagues and I also provide a CitiSignals service with easy-to-read summaries of the top dozen city news reports worldwide each week.

We also cover some of the top international stories of import to cities everywhere. And with our ongoing support from the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, plus the Stockholm-based Mistra Foundation, we’ll also soon inaugurate rich coverage of the build-up to the United Nations' "Habitat III" conference in 2016 – a key to 21st futures across the globe.

If you're missing any of this -- by mixed-up Internet signals or whatever -- please do sign up for the once-the-week alert on our stories, at:


And if you like our work, help us spread our coverage by forwarding this message as a suggestion to friends and colleagues.

Best regards and wishes for 2015 to all–

Neal Peirce

Neal Peirce
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