Century of the City

At the request of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Citistates team covered an historic Global Urban Summit, covering acute issues of world metropolises in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, in Bellagio, Italy, in 2007. Neal Peirce and Curt Johnson, with assistance from Associate Lenneal Henderson and Farley Peters, audited the sessions, involving urban experts from across the world. Their report has blossomed into a book Century of the City, scheduled for October 2008 publication, with broad distribution to global policymakers and media.

Copies of the book are available, cost-free, to interested readers:

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Book outline:

Century of the City: No Time To Lose

By Neal Peirce and Curtis Johnson, With Farley Peters

Foreword by Judith Rodin
Introduction: by Darren Walker

I – Vast Challenges, Startling Opportunities

2 – Water, Sanitation, and Shelter:
A Fresh Look at Finance

3 – Climate Change Resilience: An Urgent Action Agenda

4 – Urban Health: Learning from Systems that Work

5 – Designing the Inclusive City

6 – America 2050: U.S. Strategy for the Next Half Century

7 – U.S. Transportation Challenge: Better Outcomes for Billions Spent

8 – U.S. Metros: Building Blocks of American Prosperity?

9 – Building Evidence to Sustain an Urban Future

10 – New Frontiers for a Global Urban Commons